Saturday, May 20, 2017

May 22- May 24

Hello Parents and Students:

Welcome to the Last Week of School!!  This year has flown by! 
Here are the happenings for this week:

Monday, May 22: Walking to Cedar City Public Library
We will leave school at 9:40 and return before lunch.  We will be walking to the library to learn about their summer reading program.  Students need to wear good walking shoes.  We will also play at the park for 30 minutes.  I could use a parent helper!  If you would be interested in helping, please contact me at

100 Book Challenge Picnic!
I would like to congratulate Malia and Drake for reading 100 books and completing our challenge!  We will have our picnic Monday, May 22 to celebrate.  They will also have their pictures in the Iron County Today!  

May 23rd: Class Movie
Students will be watching Charlotte's Web.  To qualify for the class movie students need to have their library books and book-in-the-bag either turned in or paid for.  They also need to have their lunch accounts current.  If a student does not qualify they will be having a read-a-thon in the the lunchroom.

May 24: Last Day of School

Thank you for having such amazing children.  They have made this year one of the best years of my life.  I appreciate everything you do for your kids and they are awesome little people.  I am going to miss them like crazy!

I would also like to thank all the parents who helped out in our classroom this year.  I appreciate you so much!

Mrs. Rieff

Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 15- May 19

Hello Parents and Students:

Wow!  This year has flown by!  Here is what's happening this week...

May 19: Field Day
We are going on a short hike to Canyon Park.  We will leave at 10:00 and return at 10:30.  Please have your student bring a jacket.  The weather is unpredictable! 
I will need some parent helpers for this activity if possible from 9:30-10:30 to help with our outdoor activities. 
I also need students to bring a bottle of water for our hike. 

May 22: Public Library Visit
We will be walking to the public library to learn about their summer reading program, how to check out books, and to play on the playground.  We will leave the school at 9:40 and should return by 11:15. 
I need parent helpers for this activity. 

All money for lost book-in-the-bags and library books is due by the end of this week.  You will be notified if your student is missing any books. 

We are pushing through our lessons to finish before the end of the year.  Students are working on long 'o' sounds and spellings as well as pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and conjunctions.  Student have become masters at adding commas to lists and describing fiction and non-fiction books! 

Look for  your student's DIBELS scores.  They should have come home Friday or were sent in the mail if your student attended reading groups. 

We have finished our math book and have now started reviewing topics from the beginning of the year.  Students are becoming great mathematicians! 

Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8- May 12

Hello Parents and Students:

This week will be very exciting!  We are going to the Aquatic Center Tuesday, May 9 at 12:45.  We will return at the end of the day.  Students need to wear a swimming suit under their clothes to make it so they can get in the water quicker.  They also need to pack a pair of dry underwear, a towel, and boys will need to have a pair of dry pants/shorts to change into. This field trip is a special treat provided by our wonderful PTA!

Here's what's happening in...

We will be having our spelling test Tuesday for words with the /ae/ spellings.  We are practicing using commas when making a list, using correct punctuation, building sentences with conjunctions, and using alternate spellings for /oe/. 

Our new spelling words this week are:
classmate, gain, layer, brainstorm, airplane, playground, railway, who
You can practice these words at

We will be finishing chapter 12 this week!  This chapter is about 2-dimensional shapes.  Students are understanding the concept well.  We will also be working with concepts taught throughout the year.  Students should be able to add and subtract within 20 using multiple strategies.  They should be able to model 10's and 1's, and represent numbers as words.

Upcoming Events:

May 16: Student Awards
May 19:  Field Day
May 22: Walk to the Public Library 9:40am ( I could use parent helpers!)
May 24: Last Day of School